Meet the Crew

The Giggle Fiber Store

Open at 512 S. Myrtle Street in Old Town Monrovia, the Giggle Store displays and demonstrates how a super fast Internet connection enables you to do almost all of your communications and entertainment over that single low cost Internet connection.

We display GiggleMAX and GiggleEXTRA, plus free HDTV.

We demonstrate Amazon Fire, Google Chrome and Apple TV. We show how to use Hulu, Netflix, SlingTV, and online gaming – all at once.

Also, come see the latest DIRECTV Genie wireless system and all the products from Dish Network.

Julie Asuncion, Customer Service Manager

“The new billing interface system allows customers to interact with us in the way most convenient to them.  The on-line bill payment system, automatic payment processing, customer chat, and paperless billing all make for a great customer experience. “

Julie brings to Giggle Fiber many years of both customer service management as well as experience directly on the phone with customers.  A Monrovia resident, she appreciates what it means to be the local company and take care of customers like they are your neighbors.  They are.

Lynn White, Telephone Services Director

“Giggle Fiber has a state of the art multi-platform telephone switch dedicated solely to the customers of Arcadia and Monrovia.  This will allow us to deliver the reliability and services you expect today like Intelligent Call Routing, Voicemail via email, and Self-Administration through the web, as well as the upcoming features you don’t even know about yet.”

Lynn is steeped in the art of speaking 3 and 4 letter acronyms which mean absolutely nothing to anyone else.  He brings 20 years of telecom experience with both traditional and next generation AIN feature Platforms.  As an engineering charter member of Nextel and Cellular One, and an SS7 Engineer for Pacific-Gateway Exchange, he is highly qualified to ensure the stability and delivery of your digital telephone service.  And, he sails.  While that isn’t germane, he wanted to add something personal.

Herbert Villalobos, CTO

“Our network design brings higher fiber counts much deeper into the neighborhoods than the Time Warner Cable Network. This results in much more available bandwidth per user, less contention, and higher reliability. Our new data center will enable gigabit speeds to Arcadia and Monrovia with unprecedented capabilities.”

Herbert has 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.  He was deeply involved in the deployment of advanced services at Charter Communications and Telecommunications, Inc. in Southern California. He has also engaged in the development and deployment of advanced services in Latin American countries, most recently in the deployment of IP video and High-Speed Data in Costa Rica.