Giggle Fiber owns the most Fiber-rich network in Arcadia and Monrovia.

This is how we can offer the highest possible speeds for the lowest total cost.

Call 626.999.8888 to get started

A high majority of Arcadia and Monrovia residents have access to GiggleMAX!

GiggleMAX unleashes and uncaps Internet speeds. You get the fastest download and upload speed our upgraded network can deliver at that time.

We aren’t officially publishing the actual speeds, because if we were to say 400 Meg and you tested it at 375 Meg we don’t want you to be disappointed. But it’s almost always much better than 300 Meg. Faster for sure than TWC, AT&T, and Verizon.

Our GiggleMAX customers report on social media exceptional performance and reliability. It is by far the fastest speed and best value Internet in Arcadia and Monrovia. Try it out! No contracts are needed because the price doesn’t change, and you should always be able to use the best Internet provider you can find.

There are no bundling requirements, no future rate increases. Just the best Internet.

To inquire about GiggleMAX or any other speed option, call 626-999-8888 or email Arcadia and Monrovia residents only. Each speed tier includes a modem rental.