Free Video Upgrade to GiggleEXTRA

Giggle Fiber is not a cable television company. We are not a middle-man that buys programming, marks it up, bundles it together with hundreds of other channels and sells it retail. That’s old school, and it’s phasing out in the coming years.

But we do have extra bandwidth on our network, so we are using it to provide a unique and FREE service to all Giggle Fiber customers.

GiggleEXTRA is a transmission of clear digital channels over a cable television type connection directly to your television sets. It started out at about 75 channels but will grow to well over 100 during summer 2015.

Our intention is to deliver as many channels as possible while keeping the service FREE to the viewer. Initially, we are including local municipal channels and many over the air digital stations. That does not include the major broadcasters because of their payment demands.

Of high interest to many of our Arcadia customers is the extensive lineup of Chinese channels. We intend to deliver the widest possible selection of Asian television.

Please review the GiggleEXTRA channel line-up. This website page will be updated as more channels are added.


June 02, 2017  – Notice of valued Giggle Fiber Customer:

Giggle Fiber values you as a customer and appreciates the opportunity to provide our services to you. Accordingly, this notice is to advise you of the following video channel carriage changes.

Commencing on or about July 5, 2017:

1. Giggle Fiber no longer will provide the following channels as a part of the “Giggle Extra” video services line-up: UDN TV (87.8), G&E (87.9 & 89.10), Skylink 3 (90.5), Phoenix TV (90.6), NDTV (90.7), STVUSA (90.8), Estrella TV 2 (90.9), Skylink 2 (90.10), Estrella TV (93.7), and MACTV (94.4).

2. Giggle Fiber will begin providing the following channels as part of the “Giggle Extra” video services line-up: KAZA (90.5), KILM (90.6), Pacvia (90.7) and KWHY (90.8).

There are no other changes to the services you currently receive from Giggle Fiber.